Curry House + Coffee Tomo

Curry House's kinoke and kaiware spaghetti

Hold the red sauce: Curry House’s kinoko and kaiware spaghetti

Surprisingly creamy: Tofu cheesecake (with dairy)

Surprisingly creamy: Tofu cheesecake (with dairy)

Golden horn: Coffee Tomo's reinvented pretzel

Golden horn: Coffee Tomo’s reinvented pretzel

Tonight we took a long walk to the Japantown stretch of Sawtelle Boulevard in West Los Angeles and began our meal at Coffee Tomo (11309 Mississippi), a unique spot for handmade, stuffed pretzels that we had read about in the L.A. Times. Because all the pretzels are made-to-order, we had to wait a bit, but our patience was richly rewarded. Each golden, chewy horn is filled with dense, stretchy mozzarella cheese, and our two choices, sweet potato and jalapeño, allowed us to alternate delightedly between savory-sweet and spicy-piquant. Having made these our appetizers, we crossed the street and continued our meal at Curry House (2130 Sawtelle, near Olympic). Since, previously, we had been less than enamored of the Japanese-style curry, a sweet brown gravy very different from the Indian and Thai varieties, we opted instead for kinoko and kaiware spaghetti, a tasty, slightly buttery pasta tossed with sautéed onions, shimeji mushrooms, and daikon radish sprouts and served with garlic bread (but fortunately no red sauce). For dessert we enjoyed the surprisingly creamy tofu cheesecake (assisted, it turned out, by some dairy). Pretzels with sweet potatoes, spaghetti and sprouts, tofu and whipped cream: all strange but true dishes in this fun, affordable dining destination where, it seems, nearly anything is possible.