Lyfe Kitchen

Notwithstanding the spelling, we were excited to visit the new Lyfe Kitchen in downtown Culver City (9540 W. Washington Blvd.), one of the first locations of a healthy fast-food chain with plans to open 250 restaurants nationwide in the next five years. The extensive vegan portion of the menu, designed by famed chef Tal Ronnen, includes the delicate, flavorful Gardein sausage and Daiya mozzarella ravioli, beautifully plated with kale, broccolini, cherry tomatoes, and basil, and a subtle, creamy kabocha squash risotto, made with farro, kale, carrot, and broccolini. We also loved the grilled artichokes and, for dessert, the apple and quinoa crisp with soy yogurt. The restaurant itself is bright and stylish. Here’s hoping this innovative and ambitious enterprise really does add new life (if not “lyfe”) to the standard American diet.

Delicious dumpling: Ravioli embraces Gardein and Daiya

Faux friends: “Sausage” and “cheese” ravioli

Squash blossoms: Kabocha risotto with farro

Squash racket: Kabocha-farro risotto

Heart of the matter: Grilled artichokes with lemon and aioli

Heart of the matter: Grilled artichokes plus lemon and aioli


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