Vegan again

In the past year, other obligations have called me away from this blog. My partner and I have economized by dining at home, and we’ve switched to veganism, a return to the diet I followed in the late ’90s and early part of the past decade. One happy result has been the loss of more than 10 pounds of belly bulge. Readers can therefore expect no more postings that rhapsodize over butter, cream, or cheese. Instead I’ll report on our cooking adventures and good vegan dining options when we find them. In the meantime, I’ll leave past reviews in place for those not yet ready to go all the way to veganism.


4 thoughts on “Vegan again

  1. glad to see the blog coming back to life (and becoming another source of friendly cooking adventures)!

    speaking of eating out while vegan…have you tried the vegan joint in palms? it’s kinda thai (or at least the good things on the menu are thai). the mushroom soup is excellent, as is the restaurant’s proximity to the dairy-free oreo confections at scoops.

  2. Thanks, Kid! One of our dessert staples now is a chocolate adaptation of your coconut-lime sorbet. The vegan joint in Palms sounds worth a trip. Do you have any more information about the name or address?

  3. We missed reading your blog and are happy to see it resumed. Since
    we do not live in an area with the variety of restaurants that you have we look forward to receiving your recipes that can be prepared in our own kitchen.

  4. it is actually called “the vegan joint” and it’s in a very funny stretch of national, near motor. there’s an indonesian cafe there too that i always meant to try.

    so glad to hear the coconut sorbet is making the rounds!

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