Bodhi Vegetarian and Vegan

A Kosher Thai restaurant in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood south of Beverly Hills, Bodhi Vegetarian and Vegan (9303 Pico, near Doheny) scores points just for existing. The delicate steamed dumplings, stuffed with carrots, peas, corn, and cabbage and topped with pleasingly pungent garlic, were the highlight of the evening, both wholesome and tasty. The fried wontons, however, filled with a similar mixture, were dry, as was the fried tofu in our two entrées. Of these, the spinach with garlic sauce was more successful, albeit a bit salty, with a slight bitterness from the overcooked garlic. The pad thai, though passable, was saturated with a too-sweet peanut sauce. Though our dinner here tonight was not strong enough to justify a return visit any time soon, at least we can say that this tiny restaurant has its heart in the right place.


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