Abbot’s Pizza + Foster’s Freeze

This evening we walked to Pico Boulevard to try a pie at Abbot’s Pizza in Santa Monica (at 18th Street). We had once enjoyed a few delicious slices at a workplace meeting, and we had been tantalized by the sesame-covered “bagel-crust” pizza on Abbot-Kinney in Venice many times. Tonight we thought the Cheeseless Veggie pizza might be a nice way to indulge without feeling gross afterward. Unfortunately, neither the crust nor the vegetables (peppers, black olives, and red onion) had much flavor. In fairness, some cheese would have helped. Dessert, at least, was better. At Foster’s Freeze (at Pico and 16th), we each got a junior dip cone, soft-serve ice cream dunked in molten chocolate. This is an old-school ice cream place cum greasy spoon, highly recommended if you can handle the sight of the oozy burgers on the grill.


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